Unsolved Horrors – Arachne (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster

Deceptive and ravenous, the arachne from the dark fantasy series Supernatural are a race of formerly extinct arachnid shape-changers. With a powerful bite, they infect their victims with a powerful poison that breakdown mortals into a soupy meal, or doom other mortals to their own hideous forms. Though taken from Greek myth, the arachne ofContinue reading “Unsolved Horrors – Arachne (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Unsolved Horrors – Siren (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster

The monstrous sirens from the dark fantasy series Supernatural are enthralling creatures ripped from Greek mythology. Traditionally depicted as seductresses who lure sailors to their doom with enchanting voices and mesmerizing song, the sirens in Supernatural share similarities to their legendary inspirations but also differ in signifiant ways. Rather than beautiful maidens with magical vocals,Continue reading “Unsolved Horrors – Siren (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Criminal of the Week: Soul- Eater (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition NPC

Like most of the rest of its bestiary, Soul-Eaters from the dark-fantasy show Supernatural, are based on real-world folklore. African tales from the Hausa peoples of Niger and Nigeria, among others, are often told in close relation  and connected to the more common myths of zombies and witches. The slaves that were brought to theContinue reading “Criminal of the Week: Soul- Eater (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition NPC”