Zombie of the Week: R Plague

Say something human, say something human. Add some horrific abilities to your zombie horde with extra Zombie options! This week, our unique zombie is meant to warm the heart and lead nicely into Valentine's day - that's right, we are taking on the romance-zombies from 2013's Warm Bodies - https://youtu.be/hw6k1lHyWxU A heart-warming tale (literally), Warm Bodies … Continue reading Zombie of the Week: R Plague

Mandy (2018) – Black Skulls

Blood for blood. The year is 1983 and somewhere in the Shadow Mountains, four hideous, leather-clad demons ride through the night. Summoned by a mystical horn, the post-human Black Skull gang are either the result of a bad acid trip or fiends summoned from the lowest pits of Hell. In the context of the 2018 … Continue reading Mandy (2018) – Black Skulls

A Murderous Call: Amelia Dyer

Amelia Dyer Ogress of Reading Content Warning: A Murderous Call covers actual, historical crimes up to and including murder and may be unsettling to some - Discretion Advised. Considered to be one of the most prolific serial killers in history, Amelia Dyer was a 19th century baby farmer- a woman who adopted unwanted infants under … Continue reading A Murderous Call: Amelia Dyer

Monster of the Week: Shimmer Bear

It's making something new.Films Synopsis: Released in 2018, Director Alex Garland’s Annihilation takes viewers into the warped realm of an alien being known only as the Shimmer. The shimmer has the ability to scramble the world around it, mixing nature and distorting the DNA of every living thing it comes in contact with. Inside Area … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Shimmer Bear

Monster of the Week: Karl Ruprect Kroenen

What horrible Will could keep such a creature as this alive?Films Synopsis: Staring the one and only Ron Perlman as demonic beast-turned superhero Guillermo Del Toro’s 2004 comic book adaptation of Dark Horse’s Hellboy blended a host of genres, including horror, sci-fi and straight-up action. In a world where supernatural monsters prowl unseen, the BPRD, … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Karl Ruprect Kroenen