Loot of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

A worthy foil to the efforts of the younger thanatos-obsessed Herbert West,  the elderly Dr. Carl Hill, an arrogant lecturer at Miskatonic University, loses his head over West’s re-animation serum. Though stronger than your average zombie, Dr. Hill, his head and body, offer a syringe or two once their animation is again stopped and heroes manageContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill”

Monster of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

Wesssssssssst – Youuuuuuuuuu – Bassssstaaaaaarrrrrd!  This week’s monster is the first for 2019’s October Monsters and since this is the month of Halloween (any horror fan’s choicest month) I’ll be converting some of my all-time favorite and more quirky horror icons for the next four weeks. And what better place to start than with oneContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill”