Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content

Synopsis:  A Youtube Channel devoted to the Call of Cthulhu RPG Review: If you’re like me and enjoy media discussions of weird tabletop horror, methods of driving your players insane and how to run the scummiest Call of Cthulhu investigator ever, you’ll probably enjoy Daniel Profeta’s YouTube Channel – Dethstrok9.  With an emphasis on Call ofContinue reading “Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content”

A Murderous Call: James Billington | Call of Cthulhu NPC

James Billington The Chief Exectutioner Content Warning: A Murderous Call covers actual, historical crimes up to and including murder and may be unsettling to some – Discretion Advised. A sadistic and enthusiastic hangman, James Billington had a prolific career as a professional executioner – claiming one subject even admitted to being Jack the Ripper beforeContinue reading “A Murderous Call: James Billington | Call of Cthulhu NPC”