CryptTV Horror Monster : Kinderfanger | New 5th Edition Monster

Based on the Pied Piper from the famed German legend that dates back to the Middle Ages, CryptTV’s Kinderfanger is a spectral, malignant creature that lures children to their doom just like his historical progenitor. During the height of a plague of rats, the mayor of the town of Hamelin was approached by a mysteriousContinue reading “CryptTV Horror Monster : Kinderfanger | New 5th Edition Monster”

Mandy (2018) – Demonic Cult

 He graced me with his light. His hot loving light. It flowed over me like the pulse of a timeless wave… Propelled along, aimlessly and remorselessly by the whims of a self-absorbed leader, the Children of the New Dawn are a coterie of mortal worshipers led by a truculent bard bound in service to aContinue reading “Mandy (2018) – Demonic Cult”

Monster of the Week: Bagul

I didn’t want to move here. Films Synopsis: Inspired by a nightmare that co-writer Robert Cargill had after watching the Ring, Sinister plots the course of a family torn apart by an ancient demon. Heavy on jump scares but with a talented cast, atmosphere and terrifying and memorable antagonist, 2012‘s Sinister left audience with aContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Bagul”