STORIES FROM THE SHADOWS THE SLAVE’S DILEMMA SETTING: SHADOW OF THE DEMON LORD RATED: R AUTHOR: JESSE BENDJINN SYNOPSIS Unofficial Shadow of the Demon Lord stories set in the campaign world of Urth during the end of days. A meeting between two prominent slavers from the City of Dis is serviced by one of theirContinue reading “THE SLAVE’S DILEMMA”

Necromonger Frigate – Chronicles of Riddick (2004) | New 5th Edition War Machine

“You want me to take a frigate for one breeder?” The scout transport vessels of the unholy empire of the Necromongers, frigates hold enough room for a squadron of soldiers and lensors to hunt down quarry that threaten the cause…  Snag the PDF  

Lensor – Chronicles of Riddick (2004) | New 5th Edition Monster

“Show me his last sight.” The bloodhounds of the Necromonger army, Lensors can sense the slightest vibration in the air, detect the softest beat of a heart and track down the most annoying foes of the empire… Snag the PDF  

Elementals – Chronicles of Riddick (2004) | New 5th Edition Race

“No, we can’t fly. But we do glide very well.” Neutral in all things, elemental interlopers appear throughout the universe, aiding and influencing those they deem crucial to the maintenance of cosmic balance. Or so they say… Snag the PDF Balance in all things…

Mud Demon – Chronicles of Riddick (2004) | New 5th Edition Monster

“It’s an animal thing.” Just below the brackish surface, a demon waits, its tail hypnotically drifting back and forth above the water’s edge, hoping to lure prey to its poisonous maw… Snag the PDF Muddy Waters…