Loot of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)

When six friends meet up to explore a newly ‘discovered’ cave system in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, they soon find themselves trapped below ground and hunted by devolved human cave-dwellers. Fierce, cannibalistic and completely blind, these crawlers make for a terrifying opponent, but who knows what goodies one might find once you LOOT THE … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)

Monster of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)

Make a noise, and you'll bring them all down on your head!! This week’s creature is the third and final entry in my three-part series on monsters who hunt their victims with sound. Released to British audiences in 2005, and a year later to the American public, The Descent is a psychological horror film that features … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)