Video Game Monster : Cyberdemon – Doom (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster

A shock when you first see it, the Cyberdemon of Doom came out of nowhere – never hinted at, never explained and out for blood. Fast, immune to splash damage and not up for any tricks, only the BFG offered you a slim chance of defeating these baddies. Lacking any melee attack, cyberdemons didn’t reallyContinue reading “Video Game Monster : Cyberdemon – Doom (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Video Game Monster : Imp (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster

Nasty, annoying foot soldiers barely above the game’s zombified marines, the Imp demons from the original Doom were easy enough to dispatch alone, but when grouped together they became a major hassle to deal with. Hurling fireballs, their claws meant chainsaws and punches weren’t an easy solution to these ranged fiends which loved to gatherContinue reading “Video Game Monster : Imp (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Video Game Monster: Cacodemon (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster

Either translated using its Greek origins into “evil spirit” (kakodaimon) or from Latin roots as “pooping demon“, Doom’s iconic cacodemon is instantly recognizable far beyond its player base. With a design ripped from a Dungeon and Dragon’s cover for its 1987 Manual of the Planes which featured a wicked looking Astral Dreadnaught by legend JeffContinue reading “Video Game Monster: Cacodemon (1993) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Hellboy (2004) – Hellboy | New 5th Edition Sidekick

Didn’t I kill you already? Born in the Nine Hells, as a child, the cambion that would be known as Hellboy was raised by a cadre of devils loyal to their archfiend lord. Through a wayward summoning, the demonic child was brought to earth where his lineage was discerned to be not only of devilishContinue reading “Hellboy (2004) – Hellboy | New 5th Edition Sidekick”

Monster of the Week: Faceless Fiend| New 5th Edition Monster

It’s as if some mental vampire were at work. A black and white 1950’s indie British horror film based on a Weird Tales short story from the 1930’s, Fiend Without A Face ( 1958 ) is considered the ‘best killer brain movie ever’. A solid B-movie bash, it has some impressive stop-motion effects for theContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Faceless Fiend| New 5th Edition Monster”