Monster of the Week: It Follows

Wherever you are its somewhere, walking, straight for you. All you can do, is pass it on to someone else. A low-budget modern classic that works on multiple levels, the entity from It Follows (2014) is a haunting presence throughout the film, whether completely on-screen or as is more often the case, appearing out-of-focus walking … Continue reading Monster of the Week: It Follows

Monster of the Week: Gozer

The Choice is Made! The Traveler has come! Continuing with my all-time favorite horror icon's for the month of Halloween, this week's monster is Gozer the Destructor from the classic '80's supernatural (horror?) comedy Ghostbusters! *** From the insane mind of Hollywood legend Dan Aykroyd (Nothing But Trouble), 1984's Ghostbusters was released to critical, commercial and … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Gozer