Hellboy (2004) – Sammael | New 5th Edition Monster

For each one of him that falls, two shall arise. When Rasputin seeks to bring forth the Ogdru Jahad, he employs one of their offspring to ensure his mission is successful. Sammael the Desolate One is the son of Nergal, one of the alien entities imprisoned in crystal deep in the outer darkness. Sammael isContinue reading “Hellboy (2004) – Sammael | New 5th Edition Monster”

Hellboy (2004) – Spawn of Ogdru Jahad | New 5th Edition Monster

Open the door As Rasputin dies, the powerful warlock’s body thrashes with the star spawn of a herald of the Ogdru Jahad bubbling below his skin. It bursts forth from his chest, a mass of fleshy tentacles and begins growing, reaching gargantuan dimensions in a matter of seconds. This, Spawn of Ogdru Jahad is aContinue reading “Hellboy (2004) – Spawn of Ogdru Jahad | New 5th Edition Monster”

Hellboy (2004) – Cult of Ogdru Jahad | New 5th Edition Boons

You have killed me, an insignificant man. But in my place, there shall rise…a god… Destruction of the world burns fierce in the eyes of Rasputin, the main antagonist of Hellboy (2004). To bring about this sinister goal, the mad warlock serves the ageless entities imprisoned in the outer void of space – the Ogdru Jahad. Vast,Continue reading “Hellboy (2004) – Cult of Ogdru Jahad | New 5th Edition Boons”

Monster of the Week: Moder

Originally written to resemble a female goat-like creature, after brainstorming with director David Bruckner, concept artist Keith Thompson settled on an eerie elk-like being as the final monster incarnation of Netflix’s 2018 The Ritual. Culled from Norse mythology and according to the movie, the Moder is the offspring of the trickster god Loki and belongs to theContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Moder”