Unsolved Horrors – Lizzie (Tales from the Darkside) | New 5th Edition Monster

Lured to their deaths by her evil ‘father’, Doctor Fenner, the tiny demonic albino ape known as Lizzie is a ravenous monstrosity that lives in a closet. Her physical strength is much more than her small frame would suggest and her appetite for blood is lovingly tended to by Doctor Fenner. This fan favorite fromContinue reading “Unsolved Horrors – Lizzie (Tales from the Darkside) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Unsolved Horrors – Arachne (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster

Deceptive and ravenous, the arachne from the dark fantasy series Supernatural are a race of formerly extinct arachnid shape-changers. With a powerful bite, they infect their victims with a powerful poison that breakdown mortals into a soupy meal, or doom other mortals to their own hideous forms. Though taken from Greek myth, the arachne ofContinue reading “Unsolved Horrors – Arachne (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Unsolved Horrors – Siren (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster

The monstrous sirens from the dark fantasy series Supernatural are enthralling creatures ripped from Greek mythology. Traditionally depicted as seductresses who lure sailors to their doom with enchanting voices and mesmerizing song, the sirens in Supernatural share similarities to their legendary inspirations but also differ in signifiant ways. Rather than beautiful maidens with magical vocals,Continue reading “Unsolved Horrors – Siren (Supernatural) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content

Synopsis:  A Youtube Channel devoted to the Call of Cthulhu RPG Review: If you’re like me and enjoy media discussions of weird tabletop horror, methods of driving your players insane and how to run the scummiest Call of Cthulhu investigator ever, you’ll probably enjoy Daniel Profeta’s YouTube Channel – Dethstrok9.  With an emphasis on Call ofContinue reading “Review: Dethstrok9’s LEGION (YouTube Channel) – Cthulhu Content”

Review: Hour of the Raven (YouTube Series) – Creator Interview

Synopsis:  “Enter the dark world of Ravenloft as a veteran Dungeon Master and horror fan delves into the history, lore and secrets of the D&D Ravenloft Campaign Setting. New episodes every week.” Review: First rearing its horrific head in a 1983 adventure module of the same name, the Ravenloft campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons isContinue reading “Review: Hour of the Raven (YouTube Series) – Creator Interview”