Monster of the Week: Killer Tomatoes (Attack of the Killer Tomato’s) | New 5th Edition Monster

Hey, can somebody please pass the ketchup? The 1978 horror-comedy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was poorly received by critics when it debuted but has since become a cult classic. Epitomizing the ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ film, the parody sees tomatoes becoming murderous, sentient beings and revolting against humanity. Dripping with satire (and a 1970’s view on things),Continue reading “Monster of the Week: Killer Tomatoes (Attack of the Killer Tomato’s) | New 5th Edition Monster”

Monster of the Week: Sentinel Sphere

You play a good game boy, but the game is finished. Now you die. Films Synopsis:  An indie cult classic filmed and starring mostly amateurs, Phantasm (1979) has a dream-like quality to its bizarre horror/sci-fi story. A creepy malevolent undertaker with body-changing abilities, played by the late and iconic Angus Scrimm, known simply as theContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Sentinel Sphere”

Monster of the Week: Screamer

They make themselves now. Films Synopsis: Adapted from the 1952 story ”Second Variety ” by Phillip K. Dick, Screamers (1995) is a science-fiction horror film set on the distant planet of Sirius 6B in the year 2078. An incredibly rare and heretofore unknown element found there promises to solve the power needs for all ofContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Screamer”

Monster of the Week: Protector 101

Thank you, have a nice day. Films Synopsis: Originally released in 1986 with the title, Killbots, this late-eighties horror-com bombed at the box office but saw new life when it hit VHS shelves with a revamped name- Chopping Mall (rumored to be suggested by a janitor). Chopping Mall tells the comedic tale of three late-eighties securityContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Protector 101”