Loot of the Week: Yatsu

Thrusting its frenzied way onto the international scene at the close of the eighties, Shinya Tsukamoto’s genre redefining 1989 Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a 16-mm underground horror that helped bring live-action Japanese cyberpunk to a much wider audience. Yatsu is a metal fetishist who is the literal embodiment of modern man’s delirious obsession with all things technologicalContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Yatsu”

Loot of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

A worthy foil to the efforts of the younger thanatos-obsessed Herbert West,  the elderly Dr. Carl Hill, an arrogant lecturer at Miskatonic University, loses his head over West’s re-animation serum. Though stronger than your average zombie, Dr. Hill, his head and body, offer a syringe or two once their animation is again stopped and heroes manageContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill”

Loot of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)

When six friends meet up to explore a newly ‘discovered’ cave system in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, they soon find themselves trapped below ground and hunted by devolved human cave-dwellers. Fierce, cannibalistic and completely blind, these crawlers make for a terrifying opponent, but who knows what goodies one might find once you LOOT THEContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)”

Loot of the Week: Death Angels (A Quiet Place)

Released in 2018, A Quiet Place tells the story of a family living in the apocalyptic aftermath of a deadly invasion of alien beings who descend upon earth and proceed to slaughter any living thing they hear. Those parties unfortunate to encounter one of these stellar beasts and manage to live and walk away, haveContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Death Angels (A Quiet Place)”

Loot of the Week: Judas Breed (Mimic)

A full-length creature feature about a bio-engineered race of ‘roaches’, Mimic follows the evolution of these spliced vermin as they climb up the food chain to go after their creators – mankind. Assuming players aren’t fooled by these duplicitous bugs, they might be able to salvage some measure of reward after they put down aContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Judas Breed (Mimic)”