Loot of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)

Part sci-fi, part horror, the story of The Relic’s monster begins with an anthropologist returning to civilization after getting a life-altering taste of a South American tribe he was studying. Transformed into the film’s titular villain, a part reptilian, part feline, part human hybrid, the Kothoga is certainly terrifying – until its dead and you’reContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)”

Loot of the Week: Brightburn

A young Superman gone rogue, 2019’s Brightburn burst onto the screen in a creepy and terrifying rendition of an iconic hero. Assuming a party makes it to Epic, High-tier play, once they manage to put down the angst-ridden demi-god, who knows what treasures abound once they LOOT THE CORPSE!!!