Hellboy (2004) – Samaritan | New 5th Edition Magic Item

The Samaritan here, uses really big bullets, so whadyasay we work this out? The only thing as bad-ass and deadly as Hellboy, is the firearm he’s packing – the hand cannon he calls the Samaritan. Guaranteed to turn a bad-guy’s frown upside-down, the Samaritan packs four rounds of horribly powerful bullets along with a trackerContinue reading “Hellboy (2004) – Samaritan | New 5th Edition Magic Item”

Mandy (2018) – Magic of Abraxas | 5E Magic Items

 Bring me the horn of Abraxas. The being known as Abraxas has been worshiped or feared among many cultures throughout history. As an archon, as god, as a demon – each manifestation has displayed similarities owing to a common origin in the distant past of Near East mythology. In Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy (2018), Abraxas isContinue reading “Mandy (2018) – Magic of Abraxas | 5E Magic Items”