Zombie of the Week: The Jangly Man – Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)| New 5th Edition Monster

Me tie dough-ty walker If you grew up in the eighties or even early nineties, there’s probably a good chance you read or at least heard about the illustrated horror children’s books Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Like Dungeons & Dragons, the books were controversial in their day – with good reason. TheContinue reading “Zombie of the Week: The Jangly Man – Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)| New 5th Edition Monster”

Monster of the Week: Karl Ruprect Kroenen

What horrible Will could keep such a creature as this alive? Films Synopsis: Staring the one and only Ron Perlman as demonic beast-turned superhero Guillermo Del Toro’s 2004 comic book adaptation of Dark Horse’s Hellboy blended a host of genres, including horror, sci-fi and straight-up action. In a world where supernatural monsters prowl unseen, theContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Karl Ruprect Kroenen”

Monster of the Week: Sentinel Sphere

You play a good game boy, but the game is finished. Now you die. Films Synopsis:  An indie cult classic filmed and starring mostly amateurs, Phantasm (1979) has a dream-like quality to its bizarre horror/sci-fi story. A creepy malevolent undertaker with body-changing abilities, played by the late and iconic Angus Scrimm, known simply as theContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Sentinel Sphere”

Monster of the Week: Lycan

The lucky ones freeze to death. Films Synopsis: When two journalists embark on an investigation into cattle mutilations happening along the French-Swiss border, things take a dark turn when the scientific team they were supposed to meet turn up missing from their campsite. A surprisingly entertaining found-footage flick, Cold Ground (2018) is a French filmContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Lycan”

Monster of the Week: Gingerdead Man

It sure ain’t the Pillsbury fucking doughboy! First – I want to give a BIG THANKS to my Patrons! You are all Awesome and there’s a tiny bonus link for this week’s Monster in the rewards!  And now, ON TO THIS WEEK’S MONSTER!!! Perhaps the only thing more horrifying than the thought of a serialContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Gingerdead Man”