Monster of the Week: Reverser (Lily C.A.T.) – 1987 | New 5th Edition Monster

“Think of ways to live!“Practically beat-by-beat re-hashing of films like Alien and The Thing, the 1987 Anime Lily C.A.T. delivers a fairly formulaic science-fiction horror with a few twists here and there that keep it engaging enough to watch from start to finish. A 23rd century crew of interstellar planet surveyors awaken from a 20 yearContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Reverser (Lily C.A.T.) – 1987 | New 5th Edition Monster”

Zombie of the Week: Gyo

Don’t worry… It’ll go away.  Add some horrific abilities to your zombie horde with extra Zombie options! This week, our unique zombie is delivered to us courtesy of walking metal legs, carting a bloated and infected zombie right to our doorstep from the pages and celluloid of 2012’s anime Gyo by Junji Ito. These walking corpseContinue reading “Zombie of the Week: Gyo”