Loot of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)

Part sci-fi, part horror, the story of The Relic’s monster begins with an anthropologist returning to civilization after getting a life-altering taste of a South American tribe he was studying. Transformed into the film’s titular villain, a part reptilian, part feline, part human hybrid, the Kothoga is certainly terrifying – until its dead and you’reContinue reading “Loot of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)”

Monster of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)

(Featured Image uses art from original Motion Picture The Relic)  They brought it back. Bursting onto the nineties horror movie scene as a full-length creature-feature, the film adaptation of writers Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s The Relic premiered at a time when horror was slinking along in the distant wake of ’80s slasher franchises. PartContinue reading “Monster of the Week: Kothoga (The Relic)”