Loot of the Week: Yatsu

Thrusting its frenzied way onto the international scene at the close of the eighties, Shinya Tsukamoto’s genre redefining 1989 Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a 16-mm underground horror that helped bring live-action Japanese cyberpunk to a much wider audience. Yatsu is a metal fetishist who is the literal embodiment of modern man’s delirious obsession with all things technological … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Yatsu

Monster of the Week: Gozer

The Choice is Made! The Traveler has come! Continuing with my all-time favorite horror icon's for the month of Halloween, this week's monster is Gozer the Destructor from the classic '80's supernatural (horror?) comedy Ghostbusters! *** From the insane mind of Hollywood legend Dan Aykroyd (Nothing But Trouble), 1984's Ghostbusters was released to critical, commercial and … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Gozer

Loot of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

A worthy foil to the efforts of the younger thanatos-obsessed Herbert West,  the elderly Dr. Carl Hill, an arrogant lecturer at Miskatonic University, loses his head over West's re-animation serum. Though stronger than your average zombie, Dr. Hill, his head and body, offer a syringe or two once their animation is again stopped and heroes manage … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

Monster of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

Wesssssssssst - Youuuuuuuuuu - Bassssstaaaaaarrrrrd!  This week's monster is the first for 2019's October Monsters and since this is the month of Halloween (any horror fan's choicest month) I'll be converting some of my all-time favorite and more quirky horror icons for the next four weeks. And what better place to start than with one … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Dr. Carl Hill

Loot of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)

When six friends meet up to explore a newly ‘discovered’ cave system in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, they soon find themselves trapped below ground and hunted by devolved human cave-dwellers. Fierce, cannibalistic and completely blind, these crawlers make for a terrifying opponent, but who knows what goodies one might find once you LOOT THE … Continue reading Loot of the Week: Crawlers (The Descent)