Necromonger Frigate – Chronicles of Riddick (2004) | New 5th Edition War Machine

“You want me to take a frigate for one breeder?” The scout transport vessels of the unholy empire of the Necromongers, frigates hold enough room for a squadron of soldiers and lensors to hunt down quarry that threaten the cause…  Snag the PDF  

Chronicles of Riddick (2004) – Necromonger | New 5th Edition Monster

Keep what you kill. Foot soldiers in the vast  Necromonger Empire, the infantry of these fanatical legions adorn black armor and wield weapons unknown by any but the most advanced civilizations found throughout the multiverse. Pale, intimidating and taught to seek glory in death, Necromongers wish to extinguish all life and enter the Threshold untoContinue reading “Chronicles of Riddick (2004) – Necromonger | New 5th Edition Monster”

Review: Hour of the Raven (YouTube Series) – Creator Interview

Synopsis:  “Enter the dark world of Ravenloft as a veteran Dungeon Master and horror fan delves into the history, lore and secrets of the D&D Ravenloft Campaign Setting. New episodes every week.” Review: First rearing its horrific head in a 1983 adventure module of the same name, the Ravenloft campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons isContinue reading “Review: Hour of the Raven (YouTube Series) – Creator Interview”