Treat of the Week: Hell-Deer

What is the best companion a hellish Santa could ask for? Why, a Hell-deer of course! This week's Monster was Santa Claus, a la Santa's Slay (2005), which depicts a muscle-bound Santa.  Riding through the film's big blue skies accompanying the pro-wrestler version of the classic Saint Nick was his trusty side-kick: an enormous hell-deer. … Continue reading Treat of the Week: Hell-Deer

Monster of the Week: Santa Claus

Naughty! Films Synopsis: Its that time of year, when Ol' Saint Nick tallies up the good boys from the naughty girls and gives them their just desserts. But this year, Santa, played by big as life pro-wrestler Bill Goldberg, complete with his signature Spear-finishing-move, reveals that all ain't exactly jolly up at the North Pole. … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Santa Claus