Hellboy (2004) – Hellboy | New 5th Edition Sidekick

Didn’t I kill you already? Born in the Nine Hells, as a child, the cambion that would be known as Hellboy was raised by a cadre of devils loyal to their archfiend lord. Through a wayward summoning, the demonic child was brought to earth where his lineage was discerned to be not only of devilishContinue reading “Hellboy (2004) – Hellboy | New 5th Edition Sidekick”

Mandy (2018) – Red Miller | New 5E Sidekick

 I’m your God now. After losing the love of his life in a horrific attack, Red found the spirit of his soulmate returned to grant him protection from beyond the grave. After taking vengeance on those who ended their union, he took to wandering the realm, fighting to make the wrong things right. Trained asContinue reading “Mandy (2018) – Red Miller | New 5E Sidekick”