Monster of the Week: Art the Clown

(Featured Image Uses art from: Art the Clown found over at TerrorThreads) If you're a fan of gore and well... GORE, then you must have heard of ART THE CLOWN. The now infamous jester who debuted in Director Damien Leone's 2013 All Hallows Eve, a collection of horror shorts. Art left an impression in his low-budget … Continue reading Monster of the Week: Art the Clown

Review: Between Life and Death

Synopsis:  A Ghost option for player characters in lands living beneath the Shadow of the Demon Lord.  Review: Robert J. Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord, funded through a successful Kickstarter way back in 2015, is an excellent and horrific RPG game that ports players into a gritty, dark world dominated by demons, disease and death. The author … Continue reading Review: Between Life and Death