DOOM: Comes to the Realms – 5E Campaign – Episode One: The Ship

A blend between Science Fiction and Horror, DOOM Comes to the Realms is the first episode/module in BenDjinn’s first 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’s been a labor of love, like so much on this site for quite some time now and has been the primary reason for the drip of content recently. ButContinue reading “DOOM: Comes to the Realms – 5E Campaign – Episode One: The Ship”


That’s how they git you. I don’t think I’ve met a horror fan who hasn’t seen and also liked, Tremors.  Witty, action-packed, suspenseful and with a dry humor, the nineties classic underground man-eating gigantic worm horror movie has a memorable cast, engaging plot and practical effects that hold up almost thirty years after its release. SpawningContinue reading “TREMORS”